At Westgate Medical Clinic, we are focused on providing attentive, compassionate and complete care to all our patients.


For general patient inquires you can contact us by email:

We are happy to announce that Dr. Nazia Ashraf has joined Westgate Medical Clinic! 

She is currently accepting new  patients.  You can apply, by stopping at the front desk and filling out the New Patient form.



Dr. Tinney  retired  from Medical Practice on April 30th . 

We are continuing to look for a replacement physician, but we have so far been unsuccessful.

Your medical records will be maintained at Westgate Medical Clinic. They will be transferred with confidentiality to you or the physician of your choice at another clinic after receiving your written permission to do so. 

Dr. Tinney has had  great pleasure and privilege  caring for his patients' medical needs and wishes all of them happiness & health in the future. 

If you have more questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.


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  1. Is Westgate Medical Clinic closing?

            a. There are no plans to close Westgate Medical Clinic.

        2. Are Dr.Burns and Dr. Bhatti retiring?

            a. Drs. Burns and Bhatti are not planning on retiring in the near future. 

        3. Is there a new GP joining the clinic?

            a. We are looking for a new GP and / or Nurse Practitioner to join the clinic.

        4. What will happen to my medical records when my doctor retires or moves? 

            a. Your medical records will be kept at Westgate Medical clinic until we receive a signed authorization to                        transfer them. 

        5. What will happen to the staff? 

            a. We have no plans of letting go of our most valued resource, our staff. 

        6. What will happen to all the incoming results/reports after Dr. Tinney retires? Who will be looking and                          following up on that?

           a. All results will be reviewed by a WMC physician on a case by case process.

        7. Can I still book an appointment with another GP after my Rx ends? 

           a. It will be handled on a case by case process. 



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