At Westgate Medical Clinic, we are focused on providing attentive, compassionate and complete care to all our patients.

As of December 31st 2020,  Dr. Kandasamy Gounden is no longer working at Westgate Medical Clinic.

His new office will be opening soon at: 22338 Selkirk Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC

For further questions and booking appointment after January 18th, please call : 604 476 0317


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To all patients of Westgate Medical Clinic.


In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the last few months have certainly been challenging for our physicians and staff members, as we continually trying to keep up with both with the rapidly developing situation, as well as the constantly changing guidelines.

We understand that this can be very difficult and stressful time for our patients; especially for those of you who may not be feeling well. Whether your concerns are specifically about COVID-19, or if you are needing prescription refill, or to review results with your family physician, we are making a move to do most of these visits over the phone, and soon by virtual visits as well. If possible, we will help guide you through these ways of communication. 


Phone visits will be crucial for the following patients:


***Patients presenting with mild cold or flu-like symptoms. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE CLINIC  IF YOU ARE SICK. If you are feeling sick, or are worried about COVID-19 exposure, please stay at home and call the clinic to make a phone appointment with your doctor.

***History of international travel in the last 14 days

***Our elderly population, and immuno-compromised patients. 


Phone visits will also be beneficial for patients requiring refill, or to review results, or any other issue that do not require an urgent physical examination, as we are all trying to practice social distancing. We have been advised by the Provincial Health Officer to keep patient with mild respiratory symptoms out of our clinic.


***Please note: If you are having trouble breathing, or are extremely unwell, and cannot wait for a phone appointment, you should seek emergency health services at the nearest hospital or Urgent Primary Care Clinic  (Ph: 604 476 4650). 



 NOTE: We will still be doing well-baby check ups (including baby vaccinations)

 Please continue to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, cough into your sleeve and practice social distancing. We all have a responsibility  to be mindful of doing our part in maintaining health and safety for all.  
We understand your concerns regarding COVID-19 and we are here to help as you much we can. For further information regarding the status of COVID-19 can be found by accessing the following links:  


Our Nurse Practitioner, Shane O'Connor, is accepting  new patients.

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a primary care provider very similar to a family physician, but practices from a nursing focus and background. NPs have been helping to improve access to primary healthcare for communities all over the province and rest of Canada. Depending you your healthcare needs, NP will work with you individually or in a collaboration with specialists and other physicians as required. If you are interested in applying to be his patient, please consider the following:

NPs practice autonomously and can:

Dr. A. Mousavi is currently accepting new patients to join his practice. Please call the office for more information. 


Well baby check visits

Our Westgate Medical Team is working hard to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to both our patients and our staff


We would like to assure your that we always follow universal precautions regarding sterilization and infection control in compliance with Infection and Control by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. In order to reduce the change of transmission we have increased the following precautionary measures of infection control in high touch areas in our practice since the first signs of the Covid-19 outbreak in BC:


***Hand sanitizer to be used upon entry and exit to the clinic

***Surgical face mask to be used as soon as hands are sanitized

***Phones, door handles, countertops, washroom, waiting area and exam room are sanitized frequently

***Designated exam room for well baby checks and vaccinations, baby scale, measuring pad & tape, as well as the exam bed,  are sanitized before and after each patient visit.

***Only ONE parent/caregiver accompanies the baby during their visit at WMC. 


We understand your concerns regarding COVID-19 and we are here to help as you much we can. For further information regarding the status of COVID-19 can be found at

For general patient inquires you can contact us by email:



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Roll up your sleeve!

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  1. Is Westgate Medical Clinic closing?

            a. There are no plans to close Westgate Medical Clinic.

        2. Are Dr.Burns and Dr. Bhatti retiring?

            a. Drs. Burns and Bhatti are not planning on retiring in the near future. 

        3. Is there a new GP joining the clinic?

            a. We are looking for a new GP and / or Nurse Practitioner to join the clinic.

        4. What will happen to my medical records when my doctor retires or moves? 

            a. Your medical records will be kept at Westgate Medical clinic until we receive a signed authorization to                        transfer them. 

        5. What will happen to the staff? 

            a. We have no plans of letting go of our most valued resource, our staff. 

        6. What will happen to all the incoming results/reports after Dr. Tinney retires? Who will be looking and                          following up on that?

           a. All results will be reviewed by a WMC physician on a case by case process.

        7. Can I still book an appointment with another GP after my Rx ends? 

           a. It will be handled on a case by case process. 



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